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Get Your Physicals At Arkansas Family Medicine!

Are you starting a new job? Most jobs will have a common prerequisite. They will want you to go through a work physical, which is a thorough physical examination that assesses your health on a number of parameters. Only when you are certified medically fit by a reliable medical care center like Arkansas Family Medicine will you get the job.

We do school physicals for students, and we can also provide you with our expertise if you need physical examinations before going on a difficult tour. 

We provide FREE Wi-Fi at our facility. Make an appointment and visit us so we can give you a thorough medical examination. 
Physical exam

Services That We Provide As Part Of Our Travel, Work, And School Physicals

  • Check blood pressure
  • Discuss family history and recommend necessary diagnostic tests
  • Ensure immunizations are up to date
  • Evaluate growth and development, including height, weight, and body mass index
  • Provide preventive care
  • Review current medications
  • Screen for or monitor behavioral or emotional issues, such as depression or anxiety
  • Talk about health problems or injuries
  • Test for hearing or vision problems 
Get the most accurate results from your work physicals only at Arkansas Family Medicine. Our comprehensive medical inspection will make you aware of your health in general so that you can make lifestyle changes if needed.  
We accept all major insurances. Call 501-725-7919 to schedule an appointment with us today.
We have been the primary caregiver of the Central Arkansas area for the last 15 years. Call for an appointment.
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