Top-Notch Preventive Care

Count On Our Compassionate Medical Professionals To Provide You With Superior Wellness Care!

The professionals of Arkansas Family Medicine believe that preventive care and wellness should be a priority. It is deeply ingrained in our philosophy that everyone should have access to quality primary health care services. 

We strive to be the most affordable and most accessible wellness caregiver in the Central Arkansas area. Call us at 501-725-7919 to schedule an appointment. We also accept walk-ins, so if you require emergency preventive care, visit us at 15400 Chenal Parkway Suite #130.

You'll be pleased to learn that we offer FREE Wi-Fi at our facility.     

Our Preventive Health Care Goals And Services

When you visit us, you will undergo a thorough medical examination. Depending on the results and other parameters like age, gender, and individual risk factors—such as family history—we'll order periodic health screenings for you.

In addition, we can offer you counseling and recommendations for general wellness. We believe that exercise, proper nutrition, and lifestyle choices contribute to one's overall well-being. At our wellness care center, you'll be guided by experienced professionals on your path to health and fitness recovery.

Some of the primary goals of Arkansas Family Medicine are to keep the patients healthy and feeling their best and to help them eliminate the risk factors that lead to chronic illness.

Our doctors and healthcare professionals are associated with professional bodies like the American Medical Association, the Arkansas Medical Society, and the American Academy of Family Physicians, which helps them to stay apprised of the latest medical techniques.     
For quality preventive and wellness care, call 501-725-7919. 
We accept all major insurances. Call us today to learn more.
"Dr. Alison Richardson is an amazing doctor. She's easy to talk to about any of my medical concerns and she does whatever she feels is in my best interest! There are many doctors out there but there's only one Dr. Richardson! She's The Best!"

- Sheri Burton, Facebook
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